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Welcome to BigPoutine.com

This website was created to allow poutine fans around the globe to enjoy their favorite dish at reasonable prices, anywhere!

Bon appétit!

Poutine in the news

A Staple From Quebec

DURING the 2000 presidential campaign, the candidate from Texas fielded a question from Canada: “Prime Minister Jean Poutine said you look like the man who should lead the free world into the 21st century. What do you think about that?”

Top 50 Canadian Inventions

In his small restaurant in Quebec, Fernand Lachance answered a trucker's hurried request for fries and cheese curds by putting them all in a paper bag and saying it would make "a bloody mess". That "mess" - poutine - has done on to become a culinary classic unlike any other.

What is poutine?

Poutine is a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy or sauce and sometimes additional ingredients.

Poutine is a diner staple which originated in Quebec and can now be found across Canada. It is sold by national fast food chains (such as New York Fries, and Harvey's), in small "greasy spoon" type diners (commonly known as "cantines" or "casse-croûtes" in Quebec) and pubs, as well as by roadside chip wagons. International chains like McDonald's, A&W, KFC and Burger King also sell mass-produced poutine in Canada. Click here to read more


Vive la poutine!

It's Quebec's gastronomic contribution to Canadian cuisine: poutine. The holy trinity of fries, gravy and cheese curds has come to represent fast food at its finest or, as some may argue, at its worst. Poutine may not look appetizing, in fact Quebec pop star Mitsou tells CBC's Steve Langford that it looks like "the stuff we've got in our nose," but Quebecers love the gooey mess. Even McDonald's serves poutine. 

More than a few have claimed to be poutine's inventor but it is widely accepted that it all began in Warwick, Que. In 1957, a customer walked into Warwick's Le Café Idéal and asked its owner, Fernand Lachance, to throw in some cheese curds with his fries. Lachance used the Quebec slang "poutine" to describe the mess and voilà, poutine was born. Click here to watch the video